Patrol Air Units

The patrol helicopters (Eurocopter AS350B2 "ASTAR") support all law enforcement ground units involved in police activity. With the use of advanced technology systems that include Forward Looking Infrared (F.L.I.R.), Multi-band digital radio systems, Global Positioning Mapping System, and Down-Link video feed, air crews provide real time pro-active support to law enforcement personnel and Command Operation Centers. Air crews also provide transportation for specialized units such as S.E.B., K-9, Arson Explosives Detail Unit, or any other support unit that requires rapid and immediate deployment to a location.






Air Rescue 5 Units

Each helicopter in the Air Rescue 5 program has a flight crew of two deputy sheriff pilots, a sergeant crew chief and two Emergency Service Detail deputy paramedics. The team is deployed on search and rescue and over-water operations, and can rapidly deploy Tactical Response Forces during major incidents. It is not uncommon for the crew to perform a life-saving rescue one moment, and the next moment to transport a Special Weapons Team or injured hostages, officers, or suspects. Whether a technical rescue in the rugged San Gabriel Mountains, a swift water rescue in a raging flood control channel, or medical transport from Santa Catalina Island, the members of Air Rescue 5 proudly stand behind their motto, "Any Mission. Anytime. Anywhere."